Port Primorsk

Primorsk port is located in the deep-water part of Berkezund Strait,
in 4 miles south-east of the city of Primorsk.
Coordinates of the port:
L = 600 15, 30’ N - 600 21, 25’ N
L = 280 38, 73’ E - 280 50, 00’ E

Primorsk port owing to depths and its infrastructure can service ships with the following parameters:
- the maximum length – 370 m;
- the maximum immersion – 15 m;
- the maximum displacement – 150 thous. tons.

The port has:
- the tow fleet for provision of the safe mooring and mooring out of tankers;
- the specialized fleet for acceptance of the reduced crude and mold water and domestic garbage from tankers;
- the equipment for liquidation of emergency oil spillages, as well as capacities for gathering of oil from the water surface and from the shore;

The services working at the port are as follows:
- the State Control Inspection;
- the pilot service;
- the ships’ movement management service – SMMS
- “Primorsk Sea port” customs post.