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Open Company "Albatross" history begins in 2006. Despite such young age, for the years of work the organization deserved reputation of the reliable partner and reached the leaders level among the marine enterprises.
Open Company "Albatross" is included into a group of companies segment of the port. Such as Open Company «Primorsk Oil Terminal», which is the operator of a berthing zone and carries out cargo handling works on transhipment of oil, as well as Joint-Stock Company «Sovfraht-Primorsk», wich render service on towing of courts in ports Primorsk and Vysotsk and provides the water crafts to delivery of pilots, for maintance wrecking at liquidation of emergency floods of oil.
Principal view of activity company "Albatross" is granting of pilotage services in port Primorsk. On the command of pilots is entrusted duty to the safe pilotage in certain areas that require precise knowledge of the local sailing conditions. The pilot carries out also supervision of observance of the established rules of navigation in the given area, and is closely connected with the captain of port who is carrying out supervision of safety of navigation and order in port. The captain of port defines restrictions and admissible weather conditions for pilotage.
The pilotage company incurs the obligation to carry out pilotage on approaches to seaports, in them and in the areas, complicated for navigation, and also mooring and shift of courts, statement and removal from an anchor and other.
The task of ensuring the safety of navigation - is the main task Ltd Albatross for achievement a common purpose port's - the security transhipment of oil and petroleum products at the port of Primorsk. Especially the thorny question of safety of a navigation of ships in the high sea arises in winter navigation in connection with occurrence of ice-packs and hummocks. The pilot of company "Albatross", under the demand of ship-owners, leaning against all skill and experience, advise captains concerning management of a vessel in ice conditions on a route from port of Tallinn to port Primorsk.
For years of activity of Open Company "Albatross" has shown positive dynamics of development, promoting development of port and region as a whole. In 2007 the quantity of the served courts has made 740, two years later this figure has raised to 931.